• Aug212018

    Payment Methods: Western Union Only! 🇺🇸🇨🇦🌎

    We are ONLY accepting Secure Transactions through Western Union Transfers for all purchases. Western Union (Global / International) To pay…

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  • Feb062018

    Virtual Tour of Feel Good Smoke Shop in Kendall

    New Smoke Shop in Kendall! If you have never been to our Smoke Shop in Kendall then this is for…

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  • Aug212017

    Where to Buy CBD Oil in Miami?

    If you’re looking to Buy CBD Oil in Miami, you’ve come to the right place. Feel Good Smoke Shop carries…

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  • Jun212017

    Feel Good Smoke Shop Now Open in Kendale Lakes

    Smoker-friendly specialty store offering extensive selection of hemp oil CBD, glass and water pipes, tobacco, incense and more Feel Good Smoke…

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  • May032017

    Health Benefits of Hemp2o

    Because of its many health benefits, people call hemp a “superfood.” This was the primary reason Hemp2o was created. Made…

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  • May022017


    The complete outpour of positive reviews that cannabidiol (CBD hemp oil) has received, has convinced millions to give it a…

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  • Apr302017

    Hemp vs. Marijuana, Source: Hemp2O.com

    Many people get excited and even worried when they see the word hemp attached to a product. Don’t fret. Hemp…

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  • Apr302017

    VLOG: How to Setup Your Hookah

    Learn how to setup your hookah with us!

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  • Dec122016

    Legalize It: Florida Says Yes to Ammendment 2

    Starting January 3rd, the State of Florida will begin regulating the sale and use of Marijuana or Cannabis for Medicinal…

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  • Sep012014

    100% Legal Medical Cannabis in Miami, Florida

    HEMP CBD Oil Low THC Alternative is 100% Legal in all 50 States and also has some of the great…

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