Vita Coco Pressed 500ml Single, 3-Pack or 12-pack

Vita Coco Pressed 500ml Single, 3-Pack or 12-pack


500ml (16.9 oz.) Each – Bottle, 3 Pack or Case of 12
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Some people just don’t like the taste of coconut water. That’s why we love Vita Coco Pressed. It has the nutrients and electrolytes of coconut water with the taste of fresh pressed coconut. It’s how you wished coconut water would taste.

  • COCONUT TASTE, COCONUT WATER BENEFITS: Blended coconut water with pressed coconut meat for an extra sweet and nutty taste
  • REPLENISH LOST ELECTROLYTES: Full of naturally-occurring electrolytes, including potassium, Magnesium, & Calcium, Vita Coco is great for replenishing post-workout
  • RECHARGE WITH VITAL NUTRIENTS: Boost your smoothies and boost your day with our vital nutrients, including Vitamin C
  • HYDRATE WITH THE GOODNESS OF COCONUTS: Nutrient rich and full of electrolytes Vita Coco is a great way to hydrate after working out, after a night of drinking, or when you’re just thirsty
  • GLUTEN-FREE, FAT-FREE, NON-GMO: A great alternative to sports drinks, sodas and fruit juices
  • HAND-PICKED ON SMALL FARMS: Our coconuts are carefully hand-picked on thousands of small farms throughout the tropics

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Single Bottle, 3 Pack, 12 Pack


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